What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

With over 200 fully-featured services available from data centers around the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most complete and commonly utilized cloud platform. AWS is used by millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and top government agencies, to cut costs, become more nimble, and innovate faster.


AWS Course in Pune


Benefits of AWS Certification

Obtaining AWS certification has a number of advantages

  • The average annual income of an AWS Amazon Certifications holder ranges from $91,205 to $130,383. These earnings have risen by 10% in the last year, and there is a significant chance that they will continue to rise in the future.
  • On the job market, you'll be in high demand: The necessity for educated personnel who can run the system will be recognised with a 31% market share and ongoing revenue growth. You will be in high demand on the job market as one of those seasoned professionals. You are instantly qualified as a necessary resource if you have these certificates.
  • You'll come across as more serious: Having well-respected proof of your expertise makes you appear more serious in society, particularly among your peers in your industry. Being clear is good to the business. It's one of those traits that shows you're a professional who takes your work seriously.
  • AWS Certifications will help you advance your career. AWS Certifications are a great way to keep up with the latest technology while also continuing to grow yourself. To gain one, you must first demonstrate that you have some amount of talent, and then you must keep it by participating in biannual checkpoints.
  • Amazon Certifications demonstrate a commitment to a career: If you are willing to invest in your knowledge, you are dedicated to a career. It also means that you will be willing to devote yourself entirely to the task at hand and that you will be able to complete it swiftly. A strong commitment to a career provides a powerful message to all potential employers.


AWS Classes in Pune


With an AWS certification, you can get a job on AWS.

Certifications in Amazon Web Services can lead to a number of high-paying and prospective IT jobs. People with AWS expertise can choose from a variety of job opportunities. Take a look at a few of them.

  • Operational Support Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • System Integrator — Cloud
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS SysOps Administrator
  • Senior AWS Cloud Architect

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect training in Pune is designed to help students prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. The entire course is based on the AWS certification curriculum and will assist you in obtaining the best jobs at major international businesses.


AWS Training in Pune


As part of the best AWS training in Pune, You will work on real-time projects and tasks that have major repercussions in real-world industrial scenarios as part of these best AWS classes in Pune, allowing you to quickly fast-track your career. At the conclusion of this AWS training programme, you will take a quiz that fully mimics the types of questions asked on the certification exam and will help you score higher.

Sevenmentor offers industry-leading AWS Training in Pune to help you get the job of your dreams. AWS Classes in Pune will provide you hands-on experience working with the world-class Amazon Web Services platform, which is used by some of the world's most prestigious companies. You'll learn about AWS cloud architecture, Software as a Service, and how to design, plan, and scale the AWS infrastructure.

The curriculum has been created by industry pros, and you will be working on real-time AWS projects and step-by-step activities with strong business relevance. You will be able to apply for some of the best opportunities in major MNCs all around the world after completing the AWS training in Pune. We also offer free lifetime access to videos and course materials, as well as 24/7 support and updates to the most latest version of course materials. As a result, it's evident that this is a one-time expenditure.